Mechanical Work :

CATSKILL is extending our services to the Distillation and Process plants. CATSKILL can deliver all the construction works for distillation plants like chemical and utility plants which involves piping, structure, equipment's ( Static and rotary etc.) We can take up all type of piping like CS, SS, LTCS, IBR and duplex materials. We can take up the Steel structures engineering design, supply, fabrication and erection of the heavy, medium and light plant all type of structures. Catskill can complete the piping jobs with complete till commissioning of the project.

Civil Work :

CATSKILL has an excellent team of engineers specializing in Civil works in 100% of industrial plant, pipeline and tank projects we develop Civil Engineering as a part of the implementation and scope of the projects. All CATSKILL executed projects including Civil Works are developed under the ISO 9001 quality management standard to provide our customers the security we will deliver certified works.
CATSKILL is extending our services to the power plants (Coal, Gas Base).
CATSKILL is capable to undertake the construction work for power plants like all the jobs like fabrication and erection of MP, LP, HP piping works, Installation and testing of pressure parts including structures for conveyors, plants etc. Erection of the heavy and light equipment's (Static and rotary etc.)
CATSKILL can work in all types of power plants like coal, gas base power plants etc.
CATSKILL is holding valid IBR class –I licence certificate from Rajasthan Govenemnet for execution of the IBR high pressure parts fabrication and installation. ( On the certificate you can put this will be issued on request)

All types of Piping :

Design,Fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning of IBR and NON- IBR piping for plant,. including IBR approval, hydrostatic testing and Thermal Insulation, Stress relieving, Radiography etc.
  • Structure Fabrication & erection
  • Fabricators of Structures, Ducts, Chimneys, Piping’s for Power Plants.

  • Static & Rotary equipment
  • Placement and Installation of the Boiler feed pumps, condensate water pumps with alignment , startup and dry run tests which come under theplant equipment for power plants.

  • Boiler/ heat recovery steam generators
  • Erection testing and commissioning of Boilers/HRSGs and its auxiliaries including Chimney erection, Indian Boiler Regulation Approval and Fabrication of chimney, structures & alloy ducts etc.

    CATSKILL has registered with Rajasthan government as class – I contractor for execution of the IBR balance piping works.

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