We protect the health and safety of our people and promote the sustainability of the environment and the communities where we operate.
Expected Behaviors :
  • Take responsibility for preventing injuries.
  • Follow all safe work practices and policies.
  • Report and address all injuries and unsafe working conditions.
  • Protect the safety and health of all employees, visitors, and communities where we operate.
  • Operate efficiently to preserve natural resource .
  • Commit to corporate responsibility and support our local communities.

We promote an environment of open and sharing cooperation within the company and with our suppliers and customers.
Expected Behaviors :
  • Proactively share experiences and information within the company.
  • Focus on common goals rather than individual achievements.
  • Encourage interaction and teamwork guided by clear direction and structured feedback.
  • Embrace and share best practices.
  • Act as one united company.

We believe the best is yet to be invented. We encourage purposeful creativity and thoughtful risk taking to create value for all stakeholders.
Expected Behaviors :
  • Constantly look for better ways of doing things.
  • Foster an environment of innovation and seek break-through ideas and initiatives.
  • Proactively share information, best practices and ideas throughout the company.
  • Pursue creativity without fear of failure.
  • Embrace and share best practices.
  • Act as one united company.

We have the best people, invest in their development and provide opportunities for their growth.
Expected Behaviors :
  • Provide equal opportunity and fair treatment to all employees.
  • Maintain a great work environment.
  • Take responsibility for improving existing skills and acquiring new skills and knowledge.
  • Operate efficiently to preserve natural resource .
  • Help others advance by providing tools and opportunities for professional development.

We do what is right and we do what we say. We always act ethically, lawfully and in accordance with our values.
Expected Behaviors :
  • Never compromise our values for results.
  • Accept accountability for your own actions and those of your team.
  • Raise concerns without hesitation and address issues with no retaliation.
  • Speak the truth and insist on an open and trusting environment.
  • Lead consistently by actions, not just words.

We create value by building close partnerships with our internal and external customers to achieve mutual success.
Expected Behaviors :
  • Help internal and external customers succeed by insisting on measurable requirements.
  • Deliver only conforming products or services to our customers.
  • Build alliances with customers and suppliers who share our values.
  • Cultivate long-term relationships with our external customers and suppliers.
  • Share performance metrics with customers to achieve mutual success.
  • Live our values to build the CIPL as a brand.

We embrace the Five Absolutes of Quality. Through strict conformance to requirements,
a prevention mindset and a zero-defect performance standard.
Expected Behaviors :
  • Insist on clear requirements and agree on them upfront.
  • Recognize and celebrate individuals who demonstrate a prevention mindset.
  • Develop, implement and maintain zero-defect capable processes.
  • Understand the price of non-conformance and personally strive for zero defects in everything we do.
  • Work to requirements and standard operating procedures, avoid waivers and workarounds.